Hmmmmm how did you manage to land here?

Either you forgot to log in with your account, if so you can CLICK HERE to do so.

OR you don't have an account, such a naughty boy or girl, Hmmmm girls hahaha

The original grace for old members rejoining is over and I am now charging 100 USD for the first year's access to my blog. The yearly charge after that will be 1 dollar. I have had enough of my photos being taken, so now if you guys want to take them at least I can feel like I have been compensated fairly for their use. We are also working on selling personal items and photo sets. More to come on those items. I understand if you don't want to take a chance on the 100 bucks and no hard feelings, but the last two years of running this blog has made me a lot harder in dealing with people online and I just want to be compensated for my time as I put a ton of effort into this site.

Hope you understand and if you join I'll see you on the other site, if you choose not to I wish you well and hope you find what you're seeking out there.




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